Rendering of Outpost amenity buildings and event lawn
Next Level Trails Appeals to Vast Majority of Buyers

Dallas Morning News shares how Painted Tree’s commitment to 25 miles of trails, parks and outdoor-centric amenities aligns with today’s new homebuyer’s greatest desires. Nearly 70% of Dallas-Fort Worth potential homebuyers ranked trails as their most preferred amenity.

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McKinney leaders commend preservation of nature

At a recent Planning and Zoning Meeting, Commissioner Brian Mantzey said of Painted Tree’s development plan, “It’s great to hear the notes of bringing nature into the subdivisions.”

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Nature is the new luxury at Painted Tree

Candy’s Dirt sits down with Tom Woliver, Co-President of Oxland Group and Painted Tree developer, to discuss how the pandemic has changed community design.

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Painted Tree’s “closer-in” location is in high demand

Dallas Business Journal talks with Green Brick Partners, Painted Tree’s first builder partner, and learns that this market is hot.

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Outdoor adventure anchors new home community in McKinney

Painted Tree envisions an active lifestyle where the trail begins right outside your front door.

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A wide variety of homes for a wide variety of people

Community Impact shares Painted Tree’s plans for a broad range of homes from smaller cottages to large estate homes for people in all different ages and stages of life.

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New community reflects new age

Dallas Morning News features Painted Tree’s vision offering fresh thinking on how people want to live today, both in their homes and in their communities.

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1,100 acres of choice land sells in McKinney

JEN Partners acquires long sought after portion of Brinkmann Ranch just north of Highway 380 and Lake Forest Boulevard.

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