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Take it outside


It straightens our posture, lifts our gaze above our shoulders and deepens our breathing.
And it shows us we can still be surprised. Nature is the cure we didn’t know we needed. Painted Tree features 200 acres of pure, head-clearing natural open space, braided with trails, and meant to be explored. Yet beauty is found in balance – so getting back to civilization means lounging poolside, meeting up with friends at inspired gathering spaces, and warming up by the firepit.

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Village Trailhead pool

Community hubs


Just as you’re never far from a trail in Painted Tree, you’re never far from a place to relax. The Village Trailhead is your oasis in the Village District. It offers a refreshing pool and a chance to cool off, recline on the sun shelf and recharge. The open-air pool house is a popular venue for parties. While the soft green lawn, playground, and Strider pump track reminds kids that there’s a whole world to explore outside.

rendering of outpost amenity

Community hubs


Painted Tree’s signature community space is inspired by our National Parks in both design and purpose. The Outpost will be the place to gather – for concerts and parties on the covered porch or simply to climb the lookout tower for treetop sunsets. Plans include a food truck court, outdoor-adventure park, and children’s playgrounds. Woodland Grove and Lake Loop trails start here. Coming 2024.

Lakeside trailhead rendering at night

Community hubs


Lakeside Trailhead is planned on the lake’s west side, in view of the water, and features a luxurious two-tiered pool, comfortable lounges, and an open-air pool house. It’s the perfect spot to meet for a bike ride on the Greenway Trail, to gather with friends around the Trailhead’s fire pit or to stroll out to the Overlook on a starry night.

Ride the trails


Stroll, walk, ride, skate, scooter, blade … however you like to get around you can get going here.
Nine miles of planned single-track and natural-surface trails transport you through mature woodlands, with inspired stopping points along the way. 10 miles of paved pathways wind through Painted Tree’s parks and neighborhoods, connecting residents to amenities. The signature greenway is a two-lane bike path that circles the lake then takes off towards Erwin Park and Downtown McKinney. In all, 25-miles of trails are planned with no home ever more than a couple minutes from a trail. Enjoy the ride.

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sunset over lake behind trees

Fish the day away


As humans we’re drawn to water. Its reflective surface shows us our calmer selves. Painted Tree Lake is not just a landmark, it’s a place to meet, to picnic, to daydream – to sort through the chaos of life and put the world back in order while skipping stones. And stocked with a variety of fish, it’s also a chance to wet a line and potentially land a big one.

Where will you go today?

What will you do tomorrow?

A weekend is a beautiful thing when Painted Tree is where you spend it. Planned with three community hubs, miles of paved and natural surface trails, a 20-acre fishing lake, parks, places to gather, and things to discover along the way, one day is never enough. The map below provides a preview of all the good things to come and all the good times yet to be had.

Painted Tree McKinney TX Rabbit

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