Painted Tree Lake is as close to Zen as you’ll find in North Texas. Not just because of its shimmering silvery surface but because of what’s happening just below. It’s a place to both watch the sunset and watch the fish rise. So bring a picnic and your fishing rod for catch-and-release fun, because this lake is stirring with a variety of aquatic life.

illustrated largemouth bass

Cast for Largemouth Bass, which will feed both on the surface or down deep, depending on the time of day.

illustration of blue gill

Blue Gill, are fun to catch and can be found around sunken tree limbs, reeds, or other shallow bottom structures.

illustration of crappie

Crappie (or Calico Bass) can be caught with a minnow dropped about two feet below a bobber. They’ll also take small artificial lures like spinners and streamers.

illustration of channel catfish

In Texas, Channel Catfish will go for live bait like shad, worms, crickets and crayfish and they put up a good fight as you reel them in. But watch out for the four sets of barbells around their faces.

Happy fishing and remember to take pictures.