One thing that has become abundantly clear is that we humans need nature in abundance. Time in nature the antidote to our over-scheduled, over-digitized, over-the-top lives. Painted Tree is designed around 255-acres of head-clearing preserved and recreational open space, providing parks, trees, trails, a lake and a daily dose of vitamin N. The good stuff. True nature is what makes Painted Tree such a special place. And it is what people need more than ever.

A chance to breathe.

“The design of this community is anchored in the realization that nature is a necessity,” says Tom Woliver, Co-President of Oxland Group, Painted Tree’s Developer. “We conceived the vision in the middle of a pandemic, seeing just how people’s lives have changed.”

In fact, doctors have begun prescribing time in nature as a powerfully effective therapy for lowering stress, blood pressure and anxiety. Studies have even concluded that time in nature strengthens the immune system, boosts energy and improves emotional wellbeing.

“We have an incredible natural setting,” Woliver continues, “which is pretty unusual for North Texas. With topography, trees and a lake right in the heart of the community. “We understood from the land that we needed to engage and embrace it, allowing people a place to get out of their homes and into nature.”

In other words, take two miles and call us in the morning.