When is a home more than a home? When you use it for activities that, until recently, were expected to take place exclusively outside your home. Like work, school, and even entertainment.

“Suddenly your home isn’t only your place to decompress,” says Tom Woliver, Co-President of Oxland Group, Painted Tree’s Developer. “It’s your fitness place. It’s your classroom. It’s everything.”

All of which are activities that need their own space. Introducing the humble yet versatile porch. Your home’s everything room. A flexible space where just about anything can happen. A place to take morning coffee, catch afternoon Zoom meetings, and enjoy the evening breeze.

Porches kind of fell out of vogue for a while. We’re not sure why. Once upon a time they were essential to an active social life. Where a good porch swing meant a good conversation. Friends would gather for a cocktail and some music. A simple “howdy” and a wave to your neighbor brought the community a little closer together.

At Painted Tree, porches are back. And front. Adding an architectural smile to your home. And a flexible space at a time when there is renewed importance on the need for versatile living spaces.

So come on out, kick your shoes off and set a spell. Everyone’s welcome.