At Painted Tree, we’re cultivating a more natural landscape than typical developments. We’re using goats to clear invasive species and noxious weeds and we’re restoring indigenous plants and grasses to create a healthier more vibrant ecosystem. 

In fact, Dr. Robert Moon, Painted Tree’s Senior Horticultural Consultant, has been advising us on environmental best practices from the beginning. He and his team have walked the land and taken soil samples to formulate the best combination of indigenous plants and help incorporate as many natural areas as possible into the community’s design. 

We knew we wanted to preserve the community’s mature woodlands, for instance, creating a signature amenity that residents could use every day. But it’s not as easy as simply keeping the bulldozers away. Undesirable and invasive species like thorny briers, brambles, poison ivy, poison oak have to be eliminated from these mature woodlands — even for the team simply to navigate the property and plan how the areas will be enjoyed by residents. 

Enter a 100-goat herd. Goats have an amazing ability to clear an area of unwanted vegetation and reseed desirable native plants in open areas simply by doing what goats do best, eating and pooping. 

Once an area has been given the goat treatment, other native species can be re-introduced either by planting or seeding. Wildflowers, milkweed, Turk’s Cap … species that benefit monarch butterflies and other pollinators are all part of the plan.

This environmentally friendly approach is not just reserved for the Woodland District. It’s how all Painted Tree’s natural open areas are being restored — around the lake, on prairies and in many park spaces. Native and drought tolerant plant recommendations will also be given to homeowners so they may be part of this program. 

In addition to how areas are planted, Dr. Moon’s team is influencing how Painted Tree comes to life in other ways. Miles of trails have been mulched using trees and brush harvested from the property. 

Keeping it all as local and as natural as possible.