The Dallas Business Journal awarded Oxland Group’s Painted Tree community with the coveted Best Real Estate Deal for a Single-Family or Planned Community for 2021. The project was recognized for its broad range of housing product and nature-centric amenities, specifically its thoughtful approach to trails.

Oxland brought in national trail design-build experts Avid Trails to create diverse trail experiences at Painted Tree, resulting in plans for 25 miles of looped paths and trails and outdoor-centric amenities in the development. There will be roughly nine miles of nature trails, two miles of neighborhood pathways, eight miles of community paths and about five miles of greenbelt trails, said Jay Hoeschler, partner and design director at Avid Trails.

“We have a big, regional, multi-use path that goes north to south as a people mover,” Hoeschler said. “It will be a really great experience along the lake there. Then we have nature trails that will be narrower. The way we design trails, we look for the best views, we look for the tallest trees, we look for the most interesting parts of the creek.”

The Dallas Business Journal also noted that at buildout, the community will have approximately 3,200 for-sale homes, 600 apartment units and over 500 build-to-lease single-family homes taking the total to more than 4,000 units, making the project one of the biggest in progress in North Texas and also one of the most diverse when it comes to housing options.

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