It’s a modern-day absurdity that one should have to go for a drive to go for a hike. Put a bike on a car before putting it on a trail. Or use a sidewalk to go for a run. At Painted Tree we’ve rethought the way we get around. Instead of a trail that goes from here to there, we’ve got lots of trails that go everywhere.

Which, in turn, will lead to interesting places … into the woods, along the water’s edge, around town … with interesting things to see and do along the way. Like artful installations inspired by the creative vibe found in McKinney, Texas. Places to sit and take a video meeting. Places to get lost with a friend or simply get lost with your thoughts.

“The nature trails in particular have been carefully curated,” says Jay Hoeschler, Design Director at Avid Trails, a national trail planning, design and construction firm creating the trails at Painted Tree. “The way we design trails, we look for the best views along the lake, we look for the tallest trees in the forest, we look for the most interesting places on the creek to incorporate into the path.”

“Along the way,” Jay continues, “ some trails will have obstacles to climb up, over and through, and surprises to discover … maybe a teepee or a treehouse or a sculpture in the woods. There’ll be fun little spots just to stop and have a picnic and explore nature. Places where kids are encouraged to just be kids.”

That is to say, homes in Painted Tree come with generous attached garages. The perfect place to park your car and leave it parked for an indeterminate amount of time while you go exploring. And new homes are now selling at Painted Tree. Learn more about the homes here from each of our builders, including Normandy Homes, Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes. And many more to come.